How can I be in touch with my teen while they are on the road?

RoadTrippers will write letters home while on the road just as they would at camp, and their families will be able to send Camp Stamp e-mails which we will print every other day. We will be sending out a parent packet in the Spring; this will include more detailed information regarding our communications guidelines.

What is the cost and are there scholarship opportunities?

The costs for each trip match regular camp rates. Both trips are 20 days long, and are $4,800. There are early discount options as well. To learn more about our rates, click here.

How will RoadTrippers travel from place to place?

RoadTrippers will travel via coach bus. We will be on the same bus during the entirety of the trip. The bus will include air conditioning and bathrooms, though stops will be made for bathroom breaks and leg stretches on longer rides. Our bus will be driven by a bus driver with U.S. Department of Transportation Certification.

Can my teen go to camp in addition to doing the Road Trip?

Yes! Your rising 10th grader can attend a session of camp in addition to doing the Road Trip. This is only possible for those already signed up for the Road Trip and is only open for 2nd and 3rd session of camp. For example, if you register for the second session Road Trip, you can ALSO register for camp during 3rd session, or vice versa. Rising 10th graders cannot only attend camp instead, however.

How long will we be driving at a time?

The Food & Farm Road Trip will travel a lot so there will be some time on the bus. However we will make an effort to minimize unnecessary travel time. Most of our drives will be short day trips less than four hours, with the exception of two longer drives at the start and end of the Road Trip. For these two longer driving days, we will not drive more than eight hours at a time.

How will RoadTrippers do laundry?

We will visit laundromats weekly.

Will food be to the Eden Village standard?

Absolutely! We are dedicated to ensuring the standard and quality of food matches our standard at Camp, including eating 100% consciously sourced, fresh, and made from scratch meals. RoadTrippers will also the opportunity to learn basic cooking skills along the way through helping to plan and prepare meals for the group and through cooking demos with chefs. To learn more about our food policy at Eden Village Camp, click here.

Will the trip be Kosher?

Yes! All the food that we cook for ourselves will be strictly Kosher. All meals and snacks we prepare for ourselves or eat on the bus will be certified Kosher and vegetarian. There may be several educational cooking demos or farm visits where non-Kosher certified, vegetarian food will be allowed for sampling. We will let you know more about these choices as it gets closer.

Who are the Road Trip staff?

One of our biggest assets is our talented, dedicated and hard-working staff. We will have five Road Trip Staffers, including Aliza Heeren, our Road Trip Director, who was a staff memeber on the Road Trip last summer. We are especially selective about every staff member who comes on the program. All newly hired staff are either someone we know personally or come highly recommended by camp/youth professionals.

When will a packing list be available?

A packing list including clothing and gear list will become available in the Spring of 2017.