The Food and Farm Road Trip: Project Pizza is heading out into the community to get involved, give back, and participate first hand in the local food system by making and selling hand-crafted, organic, farm to table pizza.

In the latest iteration of our flagship Food and Farm Road Trip, a small group of rising eleventh graders will journey out on Project Pizza during second session this summer, making food literally from farm to table and wrestling with issues of food justice and access in our urban communities.

Campers will be launching their very own Eden Village Pizza Truck stand in upstate New York and Philadelphia, making and selling pizza from farm fresh ingredients they harvest and produce themselves. Over the two-week trip, campers will set off for farms to harvest veggies and tomatoes, gather milk from dairy cows, and make their own fresh mozzarella, fresh tomato sauce, and dough. In each city where they sell, they'll run an all-day pay-what-you-want pizza stand, allowing community members equal access to fresh, tasty food.


Trip Dates: July 14th - August 2nd



What is the itinerary?

We are currently updating and expanding our itinerary for summer 2020. Check out our itinerary from last summer below, and stay tuned for updates!

Week 1: After spending their first night at camp getting to know each other, the group will hit the road! The teens will spend their first week in and around New Paltz, NY. They will spend a couple days getting ready for their first pop up pizza kitchen: visiting a local dairy to learn about making cheese and visiting a farm to harvest veggies. Then they'll head out into the community to sell pizza on a sliding scale, making delicious, hand-made, local, organic pizza available to everyone who stops by! After a whirlwind first week, the group will head back to camp for Shabbat.

Week 2: After spending their first Shabbat immersed in the camp community, teens will hit the road again, this time heading to Philadelphia. Participants will dive into the local food culture, meet and learn from local chefs who are doing groundbreaking work in sustainable food access, and once again set up their own pop-up pizza kitchen to both sell and donate handmade organic pizza to the local community!

The trip will end with a couple of days at camp, regrouping, gleaning all they have learned, and sharing their experience with the larger camp community.

*itinerary subjet to change

Who is eligible?

All rising 11th graders!

There are limited spots available on the trip, and it will be filled on a first come first serve basis.

How can I be in touch with my teen while they are on the road?

Project Pizza Road Trippers will write letters home while on the road just as they would at camp, and their families will be able to send Camp Stamp e-mails which we will print every couple day. We will be sending out a parent packet in the Spring; this will include more detailed information regarding our communications guidelines.

Who will be staffing the program?

Just as with our flagship Road Trip program, we are very thoughtful when hiring for any of our travel programs. Feel free to reach out to hear more about our staff hiring process and who will be staffing the trip. All staff will be CPR and fisrt aid certified.

Where will campers be sleeping?

Project Pizza Road Trippers will spend some nights at camp, and some nights on the road camping at various local campsites.

Will the food be up to Eden Village standards?

Absolutely! We are dedicated to ensuring the standard and quality of food matches our standard at Camp, including eating 100% consciously sourced, fresh, and made from scratch meals. RoadTrippers will also the opportunity to learn basic cooking skills along the way through helping to plan and prepare meals for the group and through cooking demos with chefs. To learn more about our food policy at Eden Village Camp, click here.

Will the trip be Kosher?

Yes! All the food that we cook for ourselves will be strictly Kosher. All meals and snacks we prepare for ourselves or eat on the bus will be certified Kosher and vegetarian. There may be several educational cooking demos or farm visits where non-Kosher certified, vegetarian food will be allowed for sampling. We will let you know more about these choices as it gets closer.

How will the group be traveling?

We will will be traveling via a small bus or van.


We would love to hear from you!

For more information please contact roadtrip@edenvillagecamp.orgvisit our website at or call us at 877-397-3336.