Scroll through out our day by day itinerary below to see highlights of the Road Trip!

*Itinerary subject to change

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Arrive at Eden Village Camp! Spend the afternoon preparing for the trip before heading on the road. The bus will make its way down to beautiful Asheville, North Carolina. There, teens will hike in the Blue Ridge Mountains, swim down the amazing 60 foot natural waterslide at Sliding Rock, volunteer on a large-scale conventional farm, forage for wild mushrooms and prepare a delicious wild feast, and explore the city highlights, and zip down an incredible 3/4 mile long zip line in the treetops of Pisgah National Park. RoadTrippers will meet and talk with some of the local farmers who contribute to Asheville's growing organic food network. To end the first week, teens will spend their first Shabbat camping on the grounds of Earth Haven Eco Village, grounding in personal reflection time, and group bonding activities.


During the second week, RoadTrippers will make their way further south to eclectic and beautiful New Orleans, Louisiana. Some highlights of this week may include: hearing Jazz in the French Quarter, spending a morning with other volunteers at an urban garden in the lower 9th Ward, joining a fishing boat off the Gulf and swimming in the crystal waters of Bay St. Louis, kayaking through the Bayou, and visiting a variety of local farms. RoadTrippers will also volunteer with Second Harvest Food Bank to help create opportunities for those in need. During their time in New Orleans, RoadTrippers will learn how to cook gumbo and other cooking skills from local chef at HK Kitchen, tasting the deliciousness the city has to offer, and learning the Bayou history and culture. Shabbat this week will be spent with the local Jewish community of New Orleans, sharing the joyful Eden Village spirit through song, prayer, and open conversation.


For the start the final week, RoadTrippers will drive to Atlanta, Georgia. Here, teens will spend time on various urban and large scale production farms. Other highlights include: bike tour of local urban farms, Bureka making with the folks at the Sephardic synagogue, foraging for apples throughout the city and donating the findings to a local homeless shelter, a visit to the Coca Cola Museum,  an early morning hike up Arabia Mountain, an Iron Chef Cook off using local ingredients, and plenty of city adventuring! RoadTrippers will make their way back up to camp for the final shabbat of the session to share what they've experienced and integrate back into the home-base Eden Village community. Back at camp, RoadTrippers will continue camping under stars and relax with the rest of their camp community for the final Shabbat of the session before heading home.

*Itinerary subject to change